Why am I writing this blog?  

There are so many personal finance blogs chock full of good stuff.

Let’s see…

1.) I was a part of that finance blogging world for a while and found out that most of them are more about making money than helping people.  They wrote articles about getting out of debt, but behind the scenes they were all talking about what credit cards offered the most kick-backs to be advertised on their site!

Note that there are a few that had awesome content and high levels of integrity, but they are rare.

2.) I feel like I’m more articulate the more I write.  I can talk.  A lot.  But there is an art to saying more with less.

3.) I think about personal finance often enough that it feels good to clarify my thoughts by writing about it.

4.) I think it can help people.

Who am I?

I would like to stay anonymous for several reasons.  But suffice it to say that I’m a 37 yr old guy raising three kiddos with my lovely wife in the awesome state of Colorado.

In case you’re wondering why I’m qualified to talk about finance … I have several advanced degrees in finance, accounting, business, math and am a CPA.  I worked in public accounting and have held progressively larger roles in finance within some very large companies.  I’m current working as a regional CFO of a Fortune 100 company.

But those don’t matter.  What matters is that 6 years ago my wife and committed to improving our finances by working together on a shared plan and building a process to get us there.  We’re 6 years in and I’ve learned more about finance in that period than all the classes and degrees combined.  It’s those lessons that I bring.


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