McMansion Hell

I listen to a podcast called 99% Invisible.  It covers a variety of design related eclectic topics that I wouldn’t normally know anything about.  I like that it exposes me to different subjects and since it does it in such a friendly engaging way that it certainly goes down smooth.

The topic I heard today was about McMansions.  It interviewed the blogger who runs a site called McMansion Hell.  It was fascinating to hear how these building structures are only a recent evolution in home building and their main purpose is to impress visitors.  Often at the expense of architectural congruence.

One only has to read The Millionaire Next Door to understand that the ostentatious trappings are often times a cover-up for high incomes but low net worth individuals.  These seem to fall into that category.

I think it’s something that we’ve all felt, but it was interesting to hear it put into words.  We often chafe at how small our little house is.  With 900 square feet and double that with the finished basement, it feels really small with three kids and no garage.  But we know that we’re doing the opposite of the McMansion’ers.  We’re living small and putting up with the inconvenience because it helps us achieve our financial goals.


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