Sometimes when I’m making a purchase and trying to find the balance between cost and quality, I think back to how the same decision was made 100 years ago. Maybe the highest quality choice was more shoddily made than the low quality choice today. Someone would shell out for the best but still get something that was low quality by today’s standards.

So what did they do?  My guess is that they worked really hard to take care of l what they had.

My guess is that sometimes our interpretation of quality is based on how little we’re going to have to take care of that thing.  I know in guilty of it. It’s based on laziness. We want that thing that lasts even when we leave it out, when we don’t clean it, we don’t do maintenance on it.

But 100 years ago they had to take care of their stuff. Firstly because things weren’t made well, but secondly because they had less disposable income.

So, if you’re on a budget you start to take better care of what you have to make that purchase last longer. It’s a more advanced way of thinking “green”. We take care of what we have so that we don’t have to throw things away.

Budget power. 


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