Monthly Financial Update: Sept 2016

Net Assets are up 1.1% for the month and 40% over this same time last year.  The monthly increase is due to asset increases and the year over year is almost half assets increase and half debt decrease.  I’m hoping that the net assets year-over-year increase gets closer to 50% by year end.

10% of the way towards retirement.  I measure that number as 20 times expected yearly expenses.  I’m not sure that’s a good number and I don’t really want to retire, but it’s nice to have a number to track towards.  I’m 37 which feels old in investing years, but our investments have started picking up steam in the past few years, so I expect it to go faster as we go along.  We live on about 50% of our take home pay, so that extra 50% goes straight towards the balance sheet.

By April/May of next year, I expect us to have the rest of my student loan paid off and we can really start socking away for another rental and paying off the home mortgage.  I’ve started analyzing rental properties to refine my analysis and to learn more about the market.  I’ve set a goal of analyzing at least 100 properties before buying.  I’ve analyzed about 10 so far, so I’ll probably analyze far more than 100 because it’s fun.

Why rentals?  I come from a family that thinks being a rental owner is the same as being a slumlord.  If the topic comes, but I brace for an onslaught of negative feedback.  Despite that, I’m convinced they are a far better investment than anything that they have ever proposed.


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