Money Saving Tip #1

This is my favorite tip for guys when it comes to budgeting.

Stop buying expensive razors and shaving cream!

Shaving actually doesn’t dull the razor blades very much.  It’s the effect of water slowly drying on the blade that does it.

So, if you dry a razor as soon as you’re finished shaving, it will retain it’s edge.  My process is to tap out the little hair bits, splash it in water to rinse it out and then reach to a towel and swipe the blades on it to dry them.

I’ve had one $25 pack of 50 disposal double bladed razors (from Costco) that has lasted me 5 years and counting.  Each one lasts about 3-5 weeks or more.

And when it comes to shaving cream, the only thing it does is to provide a thin lubricating layer and moisturizer.

Hair conditioner will do the exact same thing.  I personally travel for work enough that I bring home the hotel bottles and it is enough.  But if you don’t have that opportunity, I would recommend buying a big bottle of cheap conditioner.


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