Weekly Proverb: Sept 25, 2016

One of John Wooden’s principles was to “Make very day a masterpiece.” which included spending time in wise beautiful writing.  Bible, poetry, etc.  I’ve probably not implemented it as much as he did, but I try.  I read a lot and keeping notes about the things that stand out to me.  And I try to include deep, beautiful writing where I can.

This is a new favorite of mine.  It’s on a 5×7 notecard on my desk where I can glance at it or pick it up randomly whenever I’m sitting at my computer.


Makers of Eternity

Isn’t it strange, that princes and kings
and clowns that frolic in circus rings,
and ordinary folk like you and me
are makers of eternity.

For each is given a bag of tools,
An hourglass, and a book of rules;
And each shall have built when his hour has flown,
a stumbling block or a stepping stone.

One step upon another and the longest walk is ended,
one stitch upon another and the longest rent is mended,
so never be discouraged by the things you have to do,
and think that such a mighty task you never shall get through;

Just endeavor day by day,
another point to gain,
and soon the mountain that you feared
will have become a plain.

-R. L. Sharpe


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