How We are Spending Less on Groceries and Eating Healthier

Our grocery budget has been creeping up. About 6 years ago it was $400 and we held it there for about 3 years. But it has been slowly creeping up over the past few and is now at $500. I’m proud of my wife for managing it so well.

We know it’s going up mostly due to two reasons. Firstly our kids are growing and one of them is 12 months old. Baby food costs a lot. Especially as they grow. She is moving quickly to non baby food but it’s still been a cost driver. Secondly our two boys are simply eating more. And thirdly I’ve been trying to eat healthier which requires more produce. Mostly the bags of frozen berries and big spinach containers from Costco. Oh and the protein bars.

So I’ve been think about how to eat healthier but stay within budget. And as a result stumbled across this little money saving trick.

Whenever there is any fruit or produce that is going slightly “off” I put it in a bag on the freezer. It seems like every few days there are grapes, apples, bananas etc that are going soft. But now instead of throwing them away, they get frozen. And I’ve been shocked at how much that has decreased me putting my “healthy” items on the shopping list. I’m guessing that that will start to save us about $20-30 per month going forward.

And another big advantage is that I always have a big bag of healthy “stuff” to put in my smoothies.  Right now it has peaches, chopped up zucchini, grapes, strawberries, apple pieces etc.

Oh and planting a garden has been really helpful in helping me eat health for low cost.  What I can’t eat, I compress and freeze. As a result, I’ll have a few months of kale to use after the gardening season is over.


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