Spare Time

I heard today that the average person spends 50 minutes on Facebook every day. In the same report, I also heard that the average person watches three hours of TV per day.

If any of those people complain about having a dead end job, lack of job opportunities or how many jobs go to emigrants, then they have to look no further than themselves as the source of those complaints.

As much as people tell me that there’s a social benefit of being on Facebook, I still disagree.  I think it’s a voyeuristic, narcissistic addiction that we try to justify. I really enjoy spending time with my friends. So I actively, intentionally make time for them. And I build real relationships and don’t just “friend” people.

Relationships are an ongoing process and not just a status. Sometimes they’re messy and take effort … but that only deepens them.

So what does this have to do with finances?

Firstly, our value in our careers and families is made up of who we are and what we bring.  Most of that is built in private in our spare time.  If we’re sitting around engaging in mindless entertainment rather than “sharpening our saw” (as Stephen Covey would put it), then we’re not increasing our value.

This means engaging with others in solid, deep relationships.  If we do that, we are richer human beings and we learn and develop more perspective.  And an ancillary benefit is that we might need that community and fellowship when times get tough or we need someone to talk to.

Also, our mental faculties are not sharpened by passive entertainment.  We develop our minds by challenging them.  This requires taking on projects that make us think deeply and concentrate.  Also, exercising engages our bodies and our minds to make both tougher.

Additionally, if folks say they don’t have enough time or money, and they’re on Facebook, then they could quit scrolling and start a side job.

Don’t get me started on Pokemon go!


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